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Re: [IP] Coming down from high

I have been pumping a year now and whenever this happens to me I always
change sets,  doing so will always correct the blood sugars. My conclusions
are that whenever i have several unexplained high blood sugars then there is
a problem with the site.
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From: Fran Baumgartner <email @ redacted>
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Date: Monday, January 04, 1999 11:05 AM
Subject: [IP] Coming down from high

>I am extremely frustrated and am not sure what to do.  Hopefully some of
>you will have some wonderful suggestions.
>All of a sudden I am really struggling with High Blood Sugars.  I did a
>twelve hour fast and based on those results my basel rates were
>adjusted.  Yet this also seems to be the time some of my struggles have
>begun.  I've tried total set changes and site changes.  The other night
>I ate my last meal at 6:00 pm.  I had a salad ( lettuce and dressing ),
>which is something I eat on a regular basis, usually with something
>else.  My BS at 10P was 213 ( gave 2.0 bolus ), at 02A I was 225 ( gave
>a 3.0 bolus ), at 05A I was 189.  I went back to bed and at 9A I was
>261.  It took me the whole day to come down.  Finally by 4P I was 145.
>Then this morning I woke up with a 323 BS ( I had cabbage and tofu for
>dinner at 7:00 ) it is now 9A and I am still at 255.  At 5A when I was
>323 I gave myself a bolus of 7.0 ( Three units more than required by my
>high BS ratio ).  I originally thought I would try to eat a little
>something but just couldn't do it.  I just don't get it.  Four hours
>later and I am down 68 mg/dL after 7 units of Lispro.  Could it be to
>the sensitivity of Lispro?  I tend to get cold easily and wear many
>layers of clothing and crawl under blankets as well as electric
>blankets, could this be causing damage to the insulin?  Anyway, any and
>all help would be greatly appreciated.
>Thank You,
>Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/