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[IP] Coming down from high

I am extremely frustrated and am not sure what to do.  Hopefully some of
you will have some wonderful suggestions.

All of a sudden I am really struggling with High Blood Sugars.  I did a
twelve hour fast and based on those results my basel rates were
adjusted.  Yet this also seems to be the time some of my struggles have
begun.  I've tried total set changes and site changes.  The other night
I ate my last meal at 6:00 pm.  I had a salad ( lettuce and dressing ),
which is something I eat on a regular basis, usually with something
else.  My BS at 10P was 213 ( gave 2.0 bolus ), at 02A I was 225 ( gave
a 3.0 bolus ), at 05A I was 189.  I went back to bed and at 9A I was
261.  It took me the whole day to come down.  Finally by 4P I was 145.
Then this morning I woke up with a 323 BS ( I had cabbage and tofu for
dinner at 7:00 ) it is now 9A and I am still at 255.  At 5A when I was
323 I gave myself a bolus of 7.0 ( Three units more than required by my
high BS ratio ).  I originally thought I would try to eat a little
something but just couldn't do it.  I just don't get it.  Four hours
later and I am down 68 mg/dL after 7 units of Lispro.  Could it be to
the sensitivity of Lispro?  I tend to get cold easily and wear many
layers of clothing and crawl under blankets as well as electric
blankets, could this be causing damage to the insulin?  Anyway, any and
all help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

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