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[IP] Re: software for carb counting

I recently came across some software that helps with carb counting.  It's a
free download at the  site URL listed.  But it is only for those who have
Macs.  I don't know if there is a PC version out there. Below the URL is
the authors description of the software.


Diet Sleuth allows you to keep track of what foods you eat each day, and
their nutritional value. For each day, you select the foods you have eaten,
and the number of servings of each. Diet Sleuth will automatically
calculate your caloric intake, fat grams, carbohydrates, fiber, protein,
cholesterol, along with sodium, potassium, and calcium. You can select from
over 5000 different foods from 21 catagories, including fast food,
lunchmeat, junk food, seafood, and baby food. In addition to the included
food groups, you can create and edit your own foods in a separate catagory.
You can also create a catagory of favorite foods to quickly access commonly
used foods. A very useful program for people who are watching their
calories, or for people with special dietary needs.
                  -- Author description


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