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[IP] Re: Placement

Heather, some additional 'wisdom' for your questions 4 and 5.

<I'm having my pump placed this Wednesday and have had several questions
<whirling though my mind...  I realize some of them may sound stupid, but
<nonetheless I figured you all would be the best ones to ask...
<4.  I walk and do some exercise tapes, will the site get irritated from me
<moving around a lot and sweating?????

	The silhouetes tape seems to stick really well on me.  I exercise a
lot and sweat a lot, but the tape always seems to hold.  They never fail on
the hip sites, but cccasionally after two days the abdomen site may loosen,
because of the larger amount of sweat there and more dripping from the

<5.  If you don't eat any carbs in a meal or snack do you have to bolus?

	Yes you definitely will if you eat protein. 	Meat does  have
essentially zero carbs,  BUT a significant amount of that protein is
converted to carbs.  This varies somewhat among people, but If you eat a
burger with no bun, you will eventually have to bolus for an equivalent
amount of carb anywhere from  5 - 20 g per oz of meat.  That means for a
quarter-pounder, you will have to figure on an extra bolus to handle this
20 - 80 g.  Because the metabolic conversion takes some time, you many want
to bolus an hour after eating to cover this.
	A dietary rule of thumb  is to start bolusing 1/3 U per ounce of
protein and work up to what you need.  I actually require about 1 U/ oz of


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