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Re: [IP] Homemade meals

	Meat do  have essentially zero carbs,  BUT a significant amount of
that protein is converted to carbs.  This varies somewhat among people, but
If you eat a  burger with no bun, you will eventually have to bolus for an
equivalent amount of carb anywhere from  5 - 20 g per oz of meat.  That
means for a quarter-pounder, you will have to figure on an extra bolus to
handle this 20 - 80 g.  Because the metabolic conversion takes some time,
you many want to bolus an hour after eating to cover this.
	A dietary rule of thumb  is to start bolusing 1/3 U per ounce of
protein and work up to what you need.  I actually require about 1 U/ oz of

> > I know that meat has zero carbs but one book
> > said a chicken breast has some....I had no idea whatsoever how to
> > bolus for this meal.
> Right, the chicken has ZIP
> > I was on the high side to begin with (it was a
> > bad day) and I did give myself five units to no avail.
> >
> >  What would others do for this? I realize there's some butter, some
> > breaded topping- maybe a teaspoon of each. (All honemade food.)
>Meat does has have a few carbs but you have to eat quite a lot of it to
>get a whole unit of insulin.  An ounce of turkey has, I think 2-3 carbs.
>If you are on small doses of insulin, you might need to add those in --
>when my control gets really good, all of a sudden counting those starts
>making a big difference -- but most people figure they come out in the
>wash and it deosn' t help much.


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