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[IP] Re: Accu Chek Software-Is it worth it??

     I have the Camit software, and use it to download data from my 
     Accuchek Advantage, but I wouldn't pay $70 for it again.  If I would 
     have received it for free, then maybe it would be 'almost ok'.  Funny 
     thing, although the Accuchek Complete owner's manual says you can 
     download data to Camit -- you can't!  I found this out the night 
     before going to my quarterly endo visit and confirmed this with the 
     tech support.  Instead, they said I will need to buy (not upgrade to) 
     the new software when it's ready.  HA!
     That is the downside of the Accuchek meters - the software options are 
     limited, at best.
     -David W.
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