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[IP] GlucoPilot for PalmPilot?

I've seen some references via Dejanews that there is a program called
Glucopilot for the PalmPilot PDA that can be used as a diabetic
management tool.

Can anyone that currently uses this setup comment on how useful it is?
Since im about to go online with my Disetronic soon, any tools that help
in my transition to pumping by storing bolus/basal/carbs would be ideal,
especially since i could use it to store bg & insulin info while at
school (and even more so to manage work info when i graduate this

Along the same lines, can anyone comment on the differences/advantages
between using the Palm III & the Palm Professional in the above setup
and in general setup as well?  The price difference is about ~$100 more
when opting for the Palm III.

Useful tool or just another toy?

PS - Glucopilot as well as other similar Palm apps can be downloaded
via  http://www.dietlog.com/

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/