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Re: [IP] Fwd: Placement

2.  Skin-I have extremely sensitive skin and have a great fear of getting a
 rash or something from the tape.  Any suggestions???
I have had a lot of problems in the past with skin allergies and tape. I
refuse to let the doctor even put a Band-Aid on my skin after drawing blood! I
can't use any of the tapes except those that attached to the Comfort sets. Any
other tape has made me ITCH until I felt I was going to go mad!!! I do not
miss that! Another thing I have to avoid is the Hibiclens stuff and the Skin
Prep stuff. It just made the problems worse. After all sorts of problem
solving I found that prepping with 3 alcohol swabs in a "bullseye" pattern -
going from the center out -, letting it dry and then inserting has worked for
me. I still have some redness and sensitivity at times both from the tape and
the cannula but it is almost not noticeable.

Good luck!
Barbara Linder
I'm somewhere in Central Florida and it is actually kind of cold tonight!
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