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Re: [IP] Y2K and medical supplies

> With all the news stories lately about the Y2K
> problem and its possible implications on life
> as we know it, this problem has gotten me
> thinking.

I have read some about the Y2K problem and the
experts can't even agree how bad the problem will
be.  I think we will know about July of 2000 how
bad it was.

> I'm not too concerned, but I do plan on having
> some extra water and food supplies around the
> house, just in case.

Good idea.  My advice (which is probably worth
what you paid for it) is to not need anything
from the store in January of 2000.  I plan to buy
extra fuel for the grill so I have it for a
backup cooking source if necessary.  I plan to
buy just a little extra of all the
non-perishables and freezable things every time
I shop this year so I can build up extra without
killing the budget.  I also plan to buy some water
containers to store water for drinking.  Water
from most city water systems can be stored for
several years without any problems because of
the chemicals they use to treat the water.

> However, I did start to think about my medical
> supplies and thought that, currently, my health
> insurance only allows me to purchase a thirty
> day supply at a time.  I think I'd like to have
> at least a one to two month supply on hand,
> again, just in case.

One of the things that I rarely see in Y2K
discussions, even those that talk about having
extra food, is the potential problem if people
can't get necessary prescriptions or medical
supplies.  I like the "better safe the sorry
approach" also.  My insurance covers pump supplies
and test strips as supplies so I can easily buy
ahead.  Prescriptions they restrict to 30 days.
I plan on trying to refill my prescriptions 5
days early this month to see if they will let
me "creep" ahead.  For things that don't have
a prescribed daily dosage,  you could ask your
doctor to make a slight increase in the quantity
on the prescription.

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