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Re: [IP] Homemade meals

Since all of you have access to a computer, probably in the home, I 
recommend very highly a recipe program such as sold by Cooking Light 
(availabe from Costco for $7.99).  Not only does this contain an good 
supply of 1200 or so recipes with their nutritional analysis, it also 
has a provision so that you can enter your own recipes and it will 
provide a nutritional analysis based on the ingredients that you have 
entered and the number of servings you specify for the recipe.  I find 
this a tremendous help in determing, accurately, the carbohydrate grams 
for my wife's own recipes and those I read from other sources and sound 
good.  In other words, this program, or similar programs, do the work of 
looking up the ingredients (from a list of 7 or 8 THOUSAND possible 
ingredients), adding them up, and dividing them by the number of 

Again, HIGHLY recommended for all diabetics.

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