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Re: [IP] Fwd: Placement

At 02:26 PM 1/3/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>1.  Sleep-I am a very restless sleeper, I toss and turn and roll all the
>time....  What would be the best way to handle this with the pump???

I just stick it under the pillow...  for me, it works best if I use the
same side of the pillow that my set is using. As an example, if my set is
on my left side, then I stick the pump under the pillow on my left side (my
left as I lay on my back). The longer tubing is helpful too. When I first
heard about doing it this way, I didn't think it would work, but once I
tried it, I was surprised as to how comfortable it was.

>3.  If your not hungry at lunch time do you have to eat or at any other time
>of the day and how does that affect your #'s both BG and Insulin?

Once you get your basals stabilized, your BG levels should stay pretty
constant (within a limited range). When that happens, you can eat when you
feel like it. 

>5.  If you don't eat any carbs in a meal or snack do you have to bolus?

If you really don't have any carbs, then you shouldn't need to bolus...
what kinds of snacks are you referring to? Some foods have fat content. Fat
can cause a delayed rise in BG levels in many people.


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