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Re: [IP] Fwd: Placement

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From: email @ redacted <email @ redacted>
To: Bcarter <Bcarter>
Date: Sunday, January 03, 1999 4:31 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] Fwd: Placement

Hi Heather

I can answer that one question for you that she was not able to answer for
you about moving around alot and sweeting..

For me using the Disetronic Pump here in New Mexico which in summer is
common to be 115 degrees F.  I have to switch to a diffent type of tape
(mainly cloth tape instead of the transparent tape) which for some reason
doesn't like me during the summer.  The only time i have problems with that
then is the day that i change the infusion set.

About the moving around alot.. Like alot of other people when i first
started on the pump i think i did not move an inch for the first few nights
then i snapped out of it and my little pump followed me every where that i
managed to wiggle to.  and the only time during exercise and playing sports
that i have problems is when i place the site right into one of the folds of
the stomach. which can be a little unconfortable but not bad.  (only one
time while using a steel neddle i had it come out of me only to go back in
when i changed positions in the middle of a roller hockey game OUCH.. felt
like a little sowing machine).. other than that no problems..

Brian Carter

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