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[IP] transplant info

Hi all,
It's been along time since I've responded to this list. I'm on digest and
don't always get a chance to read it.
I wanted to respond to some of the transplant info. I had a kidney
transplant 2 years ago and the pancreas trans. 6 months ago. Both done at
university of Va.
The transplants may not be for everyone but for me it was the best thing I
could have ever done. True it's not a cure all. It's trading one lifestyle
[being diabetic] for another [transplant patient].
I now eat what I want when I want. No insulin. No testing [except labs]
right now I go  once or 2 a week [3 tubes of blood] which will get
progressively less. I was down to once a month before the pancreas and will
be again soon. different transplant centers have their own schools. The same
with when they will do the transplants. I was in esrd but not on dialysis
when I had the kidney transplant. There are centers that will only do the
transplants together. Some that will do separate and some doing the pancreas
only. Some you have to be in bad shape and some as a preemptive operation.
I belong to another list that is for people interested in the k/p
transplant. There are long term recipients and short term. People that are
waiting and folks just looking for info. The list is not real high volume
and very friendly and informative. It's worth checking out for anyone
interested in the issue. You'll hear about the up's downs , success's and
not so good. Anyone interested there is a web site at:
I think there is a link there to get on the list if your interested or
contact me off list. I'll try to follow this thread more closely. Feel free
to contact me if I can answer any questions or be of help.
Be healthy and happy,
Barry Bruce
email @ redacted
ICQ 10047360
IM Username: barrybruce
YAHOO PAGER: rbarrybruce

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