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[IP] Fwd: Placement


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I'm having my pump placed this Wednesday and have had several questions
whirling though my mind...  I realize some of them may sound stupid, but
nonetheless I figured you all would be the best ones to ask...

1.  Sleep-I am a very restless sleeper, I toss and turn and roll all the
time....  What would be the best way to handle this with the pump???

2.  Skin-I have extremely sensitive skin and have a great fear of getting a
rash or something from the tape.  Any suggestions???

3.  If your not hungry at lunch time do you have to eat or at any other time
of the day and how does that affect your #'s both BG and Insulin?

4.  I walk and do some exercise tapes, will the site get irritated from me
moving around a lot and sweating?????

5.  If you don't eat any carbs in a meal or snack do you have to bolus?

I think that's it for now...  I loved the comment Jan made about the pump and
the mother ship I will definitely use it!!!!


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