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Re: [IP] High Glycemic Foods

In a message dated 1/3/99 5:09:12 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<<Try eating the 
cereals that have the kids stuff Honey Nut.... Frosted Flakes, etc... 
the sugars in there must be digested and actually lower the glycemic 
index of the processed grain.  The cereals that 'grown ups' eat that 
are from refined grains can have very high glycemic indices if they 
are un-sweetened.

Really?  Have other people found this to be true?  Being totally unstable at
the moment, I'm not about to experiment, but I wondered if others have.  My
most common breakfast cereals over the years have been oat bran,oatmeal, and
cheerios,  the last having the quickest effect on my blood sugar and the oat
bran the slowest -- but in recent months with nausea problems the cheerios are
the easiest to tolerate.
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