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Re: [IP] High Glycemic Foods

> I find that my blood sugars spike soon after eating a breakfast
> cereal or other high glycemic breakfast, regardless of how long I
> wait to eat after giving myself a bolus of lispro insulin.  I've
> cautiously experimented with waiting up to 20 minutes before eating
> (I'm pumping lispro), but still have a high blood sugar reading at
> one hour post prandial.  By two or three hours, my readings are
> normal.  I am keeping very tight control with a Minimed pump using
> lispro; my quarterly A1c readings are ~4.6 to 5.2. 
Yes, it's not uncommon. Try eating the 
cereals that have the kids stuff Honey Nut.... Frosted Flakes, etc... 
the sugars in there must be digested and actually lower the glycemic 
index of the processed grain.  The cereals that 'grown ups' eat that 
are from refined grains can have very high glycemic indices if they 
are un-sweetened.

Anyway!!! what do you consider high?  150 - 180 is on the high side, 
but would not be abnormal under th circumstances.

> Has anyone else
> experience and solved such a problem?  I presume I to need to slow
> the release of the food from my stomach, but eating more fat is not
> always an option in the mornings.  Any suggestions?  Thanks,
> Brad
> Type I 3yrs, pumping 2years, 34
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Michael <email @ redacted>
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