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[IP] Meters, Pumps, Computers & all the rest

     As one of the (very) guilty members of society (for having directly 
     caused the year 2K problem by not telling his supervisor what an idiot 
     he has been and that all of our work would blow up in x years) I feel 
     I have to come to the semi-defence of the SUPPORT PERSONEL...
     While I have been exasperated more often than not by support people, 
     it is generally the LEVEL of support personel that determines the type 
     and quality of help you get.  I have had support people from minimed 
     who themselves USE the pump who were extraordinarily helpful, I have 
     had support people who probably joined the company an hour previously 
     with NO TRAINING and everything in-between.
     Generally, if the error is more than 'I put in the test strip and it 
     did nothing' (ie it involves hooking the unit to a computer and 
     loading software and doing things that majority of user's don't do) 
     ASK FOR A SR SUPPORT REP OR even better bribe the person to get you 
     someone in development to speak with (I know a few and for the right 
     bribe .....)
     It took me over two years of everything but buying a drink to get the 
     proper protocol to communicate with the QID meter AND when I finally 
     got it they INCLUDED FOR FREE the download hardware!!!  (hows that for 
     making freinds in right places).
     Bottom line is: the support people really DO want to help BUT they are 
     usually hindered by the fact that their training is from a text book 
     (which would be much cheaper to send to each of us) and for the most 
     part have NEVER themselves taken a blood test or programmed a pump 
     (and certainly not at 2AM waking up HIGH and not all there).
     yerachmiel Bruchya haLevi Altman
     email @ redacted
     p.s.  I did actually fall off the edge of the world for a while.  All 
     of those stories about the world being a globe, having no 'edges', etc 
     are all UNTRUE!!!  If you travel east for a while over the atlantic 
     without a tow line, watch out!!!

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