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[IP] High Glycemic Foods

I find that my blood sugars spike soon after eating a breakfast cereal or
other high glycemic breakfast, regardless of how long I wait to eat after
giving myself a bolus of lispro insulin.  I've cautiously experimented with
waiting up to 20 minutes before eating (I'm pumping lispro), but still have
a high blood sugar reading at one hour post prandial.  By two or three
hours, my readings are normal.  I am keeping very tight control with a
Minimed pump using lispro; my quarterly A1c readings are ~4.6 to 5.2.  Has
anyone else experience and solved such a problem?  I presume I to need to
slow the release of the food from my stomach, but eating more fat is not
always an option in the mornings.  Any suggestions?  Thanks,

Type I 3yrs, pumping 2years, 34

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/