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Re: [IP] Comparison of Meters

This is what happend to me when I tested with a OneTouch Profile:

- I first tested with a code 7 strip, expiration date 3/1999. Result: 115.
- I then tested with a code 7 strip, expiration date 9/2000.  Result: 135.

The tests were 1 minute apart.
The meter was not moved.
I repeated this test with my other Profile, and got similar results.

Any explanation ?
Is this normal ?


>Michael Maturen wrote:
>> This has been stated OVER and OVER, but I guess it bears repeating:
>> NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER compare from meter to meter.
>> This will almost ALWAYS produce varying results, since no two meters
>> will read exactly the same.  Even if you test with two Completes, you
>> will likely get varying results.
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