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[IP] High BS

My 9 year old has been pumping for 4 months now.  I've let her eat pretty much whatever she wanted at recent holiday meals, and I've definitely noticed that, when the meal is high in carbohydrates, the high blood sugars after the meal definitely last a lot longer.  Usually if there are a lot of carbs, there are also a lot of fats (gravy on those mashed potatos), and that slows down absorbtion, too.  Now, when she has a really big meal, I just plan on checking and correcting 3-4 hours after the meal, and usually 7-8 hours later, too.  What about the rest of you IP's?  Do big meals affect sugars longer for you, even if you carefully count the carbs and bolus accordingly?
Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom, Dx'ed 2/98, pumping since 9.98