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[IP] Metformin and adderall/ritalin

When Lauren was in this study and her pancreas was still working, she had a
problem with a hyper rebounding liver.  I'm not sure why but she would
rebound to the 300's before she went lower than 100.  Anyway, in an attempt
to suppress her liver from rebounding so much, she was put on Metformin. 
Its affects were amazing!  Lauren need 40% less insulin!  and there were no
rebounds.  So what was happening?  I dunno.  Lauren is 12.5 yo and in
excellent physical condition.  So was she insulin resistant?  or did she
just have a liver that was acting inappropriately?  

There was a drawback for Lauren, however.  That is, (It was dosed at 2X a
day)  If Lauren did not take the metformin EXACTLY at 12 hours or less,
then her Bgs would float up (with in an hour) to 250-300.  Was her liver
unsuppressed and dumping sugar?  I think.  This would happen no matter what
time we gave the metformin (we tried several different 12 hour cycles).

In the mean time, she was taken out of the study and once her pancreas
settled down, so did her liver.  Why?  I dunno.  So we gave up on the

When I hear of brittle diabetics, I often wonder if something like
metformin might stabilize their situation.  I wonder if the liver might be
to blame in those instances.

Lauren has also taken Adderall, a ritalin type drug, for a couple of weeks
at time and it also plays absolute havoc with her Bgs.  (We had her take it
for 10 days for finals in December)  Again, Adderall reduced her basal
insulin by 40%..... I think that ritalin is supposed to suppress growth
hormones, so is that why she is less insulin resistant?  It was so
uncontrolled that I don't think we will do it again.  It is not worth it.

Diane Massey
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/