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Re: [IP] Re: high BGs

    PLEASE tell your daughter not to get depressed over this - it appears
you've been given insufficient information to properly adjust to insulin pump
therapy.  For example, my 16 year old daughter (pumping 3 years almost) has 7
different daily basal rates, arrived at by doing the basal "fasts" that
Barbara mentioned . Her boluses range from 1:7 at breakfast, 1:8 at lunch,
1:10 at dinner and 1:12 at bedtime...and even then, it's often just a "crap
shoot"!!!  Also, anytime my daughter runs high, it can take 4-5 hours for her
bgs to come down - that's NOT atypical- the higher the bg, the more resistant
her body seems to be & the more insulin she requires.  Even after 3 years,
we're constantly learning & fine-tuning, but no way she'd ever give it up for
the FREEDOM it affords her!!!!..Feel free to e-mail us...You WILL get the hang
of this...I'd suggest you inquire into whether or not there are any CDEs in
your area with whom she could meet.  Melissa saw her CDE MONTHLY for the first
2 1/2 years & he always had something new to suggest or teach her.

Regards, Renee
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