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[IP] Re: Transplants

To whomever was wondering,
    Pancreas transplants are done but only in dire circumstances, so to
speak?!?  You can only be considered if you are in need of kidneys AND
the pancreas, in other words...you must be in kidney failure (at least
here in Virginia).  And for someone who said, "the thought of not
testing or being poked all the time..." something to that
respect...ha...don't believe it!  I work in a lab that has one
kidney/pancreas patient come for lab work every 4 weeks.  She looks
1,000 times better but said she wishes her body was more "healthy" to
have handled all the stress that goes along with it.  She said she, for
a good year or 2, still had to test and then the lab work every month or
so...AND I ain't talkin' 1 tube of blood, more like 15 tubes!!!!!!  But,
I'm sure as things stabilize it wouldn't be as stressful!!!  Plus, if it
improves someone's life it's gotta be worth it!!!!!!!  That's my motto!
-Tonya D.  :-)

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