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Re: [IP] Winter sports emergency food

I use Power-Bar and Power-Gel. Power-Gel is especially easy to handle and
consume in diverse situations. It is 100% carbohydrate with 80% complex. One
packet (1.4 oz) contains 28g of carbs. You should also be and remain hydrated.
Power-Bar Harvest bar is like a trail bar. It taste's good and fills you up a
bit. They are designed to holdup better in cold, outdoor activities. A Harvest
bar has 45g of carbs. There are other similar products offering some similar
variety of flavors etc. 

Good Luck, and Happy Trails,

Bill King

In a message dated 12/28/98 3:11:25 PM EST, email @ redacted writes:

<< In three days, we are going skiing in snow of Michigan.
 Does anyone have suggestions for food in my pocket?  I usually 
 carry power bars because they hold up to falling etc.  I don't like to 
 have to dig in inside pockets, because it is hard on the ski lift.  
 Would gels work? >>
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