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Re: [IP] Metformin in Type 1's

At 07:17 AM 01/03/99 -0800, Natalie wrote:


>I'm glad we have the lists and DUES (Diabetic Underground Education
>System!) -- those of us who want to take advantage of our own collective
>experience and wisdom, and not rely solely on the medical establishment
>have that ability! 

Agreed. I also believe strongly that each of us is helping to "write
medical history" each and every day we continue to survive this thing.

History may sometimes be predictable, but it's not really repeatable -
time, technology and knowledge march on. Each day is a little different,
with different contexts and challenges. Each individual is a little
different each day - sometimes a lot different each day.

I truly value the medical professionals who recognize this basic fact.

Bob Burnett

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