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Re: [IP] Re: high BGs

thanks for replying.  I have ordered the Pumping Insulin book - hopefully it will
be here this week.  No, I have not done any basal testing.  This has always been
reviewed by the MD and changed by him.  He has never asked for any of the total
daily doses of insulin.  I guess he just has been pulling numbers out of a hat!!!
She takes .9 units basal from midnight to 4A. 1.0 units from 4a to 7a and .8 units
from 7a to midnight.  Tell me briefly how to check this.

email @ redacted wrote:

> I tried to send this to Gina, but it came back as undeliverable. Please post
> to the list. Thanks a bunch.
> Barbara Bradley
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> << In a message dated 99-01-03 10:17:47 EST, you write:
>  <<   However,
>   there are times she covers the carbs on a 1:10 or 1:13 ratio and she is still
>   high.  do you only take so many carbs at one time.  I am wondering if she is
>   eating too many carbs at a time.  Once her sugars get high, they are hard to
>   bring down.  For her weight, a unit of humalog should bring her down 40-50.
>   Even with site changes sometimes they just dont come down.  Or if they do.
>   three hours later she crashes.  She had a sugar of 300 we tried to get down
>   last night.  Just wouldnt come down, even with a new site, new insulin etc.
>   Then this morning she woke me with a sugar of 50.  Any ideas?   >>
>  Gina..it sounds as if your daughter's basal rate may not be correct.  Have you
>  done basal rate testng around the clock? Break it up to cover 5-6 hour time
>  frames, starting with the overnight from bedtime to rising. Do you have the
>  Pumping Insulin Book?  With Humalog, the amount to lower high BGs is based on
>  dividing the total daily insulin into the number 1800 to get the amount that 1
>  unit will lower the BG.  Sometimes the amounts for basal and bolus on Humalog
>  are different than if you were using buffered Regular. It does take some
>  dedicated attention to BGs, carb counting, and checking those basal rates. If
>  the high BG number includes the presence of urine ketones, then it will take
>  more insulin to bring down the BG.
> Barbara B.
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