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[IP] Y2K and medical supplies

With all the news stories lately about the Y2K problem and its possible
implications on life as we know it, this problem has gotten me thinking.
I'm not too concerned, but I do plan on having some extra water and food
supplies around the house, just in case.  However, I did start to think
about my medical supplies and thought that, currently, my health insurance
only allows me to purchase a thirty day supply at a time.  I think I'd like
to have at least a one to two month supply on hand, again, just in case.
Maybe I'll start going to my pharmacy every fifteen days for refills until I
get "caught" so to speak.

Has anyone else thought about this?  Just curious. . . .

Best Regards,
Andry Kennedy
Type 1 - 25 years
MiniMed 507C - July '98

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