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[IP] Metformin in Type 1's

Ted Quick wrote:
> AHA! Someone else that has found insulin + Metformin works. I used
> insulin + Phenformin, a related drug (though much more dangerous) for 13 years
> between '62 and '75. Worked great for me, and many find it hard to believe
> it could, but I've heard some have been doing this lately. Befre I started
> doing so in '62 I was nearly uncontrollable, but became a model patient on
> the combination.
I still don't understand why the medical profession refuses to admit
that there are Type 1's with insulin resistance. 

It seems so obvious to me that the two are NOT mutually exclusive
conditions -- and since Metformin and Rezulin work on insulin
resistance  (unlike sulfonylureas, which stimulate the beta cells, and
of course won't work if you don't have any!) then there is no real
reason why a Type 1 who injects cannot use them!

In spite of the change in nomenclature of DM into Type 1 and 2 without
it IDDM and NIDDM concepts, it still seems like we see a lot of
"Typeism" -- I have seen it from the opposite end -- oh, you're a Type
2, we'll put you on orals, and settle for way less than good control!
Type 2's aren't going to live long enough to see complications

(Note the sarcasm button turned on above -- I could EASILY live 40 years
with DM -- time enough for complications, and I'm insulin-deficient, NOT
insulin-resistant, which is why small doses of insulin work, and why
sulfonylureas didn't!)

I'm glad we have the lists and DUES (Diabetic Underground Education
System!) -- those of us who want to take advantage of our own collective
experience and wisdom, and not rely solely on the medical establishment
have that ability! 


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