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Re: [IP] Homemade meals

I don't eat processed foods and make everything... one of those people who
shop the walls of the grocery store so figuring carbs is a real
challenge... I have a copy of Kraus, Calories and Carbohydrates... what I
did was go into the book, find all the ingredients add them up and devide
by the portion size that I usually eat and not what the books recomend...
this allows me the freedom to eat what I want... I wrote my favorites down
and taped this list to the inside of a cupbord, so I can get to it when I

I also have an on line bakery with real pasteries that I sell and this is
what I have done for these recipes too... amazingly, my biscotti comes in
at 15 COH each, death by chocolate cake comes in at 50 COH... *S*

training wheels of sterilized water come off the pump on friday!!! YAY!!!!

Ellen B-C

"If you are a good economist, a virtuous economist, you are
reborn as a physicist. But if you are an evil, wicked
economist, you are reborn as a sociologist." --Paul Krugman

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