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Re: [IP] Disetronic pump looks like a pager

At 08:51 PM 1/2/1999  Timothy Tobais wrote:
>I have been thinking of alternative ways of wearing my minimed so that
>it was less obvious I was wearing a pump. I cut a small hole in my jean
>pocket; took the pump off the clip and out of the leather case and wore
>it in my pocket. It was somewhat uncomfortable in my pocket; any ideas
>as to how I could make it easier to do this; I would like to hear them.
>I have thought about the leg thing; but have not wanted something
>strapped to my leg; curculation fear thing, you know. I have thought of
>making a pocket in the thigh area; but; this would make it difficult to

I just wear my MM507 on my belt using the leather wrap-around case.
Comfortable, easy to get to, and no-one has ever noticed it. It just looks
like a pager. And, if someone does ask, I'll just tell them what it is. Not
a biggie. I've realized that my own self-consciousness will make things
seem much worse than they really are. So if I don't care, no-one else will

(Actually that thing on my belt is my sub-space communicator to contact my
mother ship... <grin>)

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