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Re: [IP] Homemade meals

> I know that meat has zero carbs but one book
> said a chicken breast has some....I had no idea whatsoever how to
> bolus for this meal.
Right, the chicken has ZIP

> I was on the high side to begin with (it was a
> bad day) and I did give myself five units to no avail. 
>  What would others do for this? I realize there's some butter, some
> breaded topping- maybe a teaspoon of each. (All honemade food.)

Well, for instance, a breaded shrimp is about 3 - 5 grams (depends on 
thickness of coating and size of shrimp). A whole chicken breast 
breaded, can double that to around 7 - 10 grams. You can measure the 
volume of the breading before applying, calculate the carbs, apply 
the breading and measure the volume of whats left, then you know what 
went onto the chicken. Divide by the number of chicken pieces (adjust 
for surface area of the pieces) and go for it! After you eat this 
kind of thing for a while, having gotten close by measuring, it gets 


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