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RE:[IP] Site Rotation

How do you handle stomach hair?  Do you shave it off?  I
have thought about moving more toward my navel, but my body
hair has me concerned about the set staying attached.


I am new to the digest so hope I am responding properly.

I used my stomache almost esclusively for about 15 years,
rotating thru 1=
specific sites, switching sites every 2nd day. ( When I use
a site longet=

than 2 days absorption problems result for me.)  After 15
years I started=

having some problems with the stomache so now move to the
"love handles"
area on the sides of my waist.  I use that area for a few
months to give =
stomache a break then go back to the stomache.  Switching
areas does have=
small affect on BG so some adjustments are necessary at
first.  =

The stomache seems to be less and less effective over time,
which is
starting to be a growing concern.  Nonetheless, it is
preferrable to the
serious absorption and other problems associated with 3-4
injections a da=

Hope this helps.

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