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Re: Roche Diagnostics, was: Re: [IP] New insurance company

On  2 Jan 99 at 13:31, Ruth Elowitz wrote:

> I'm sure it is variable.  When I couldn't get the meter to download the
> initial person at the 800# was unhelpful but then forwarded me to a technician
> who spent over an hour problem solving.  (We finally established it was one of
> 2 or 3 things and he sent me an entirely new package with several kinds of
> cables). Maybe it just depends on who you get?

That and what company they really work for.  Much of the "support" seems to be 
farmed out to temps who are just reading from a one page script...  

> I've noticed with both the insurance co, the pump co and the bg meter cos that
> the more I get on the phone and feel like they need to fix what is wrong and
> I'm tired of all their mess ups, the less helpful the rep is.   I don't yell
> or anything but the insistence in my voice might be part of it.  When I call
> and very very nicely tell them how much I need their help because I can't
> figure out how to fix a problem and when I keep steering them along, I get
> very good help and they even give you their extension for the future.

Sometimes you get one that really knows what's going on, but it is still 
strange to me that with the amount of money we're spending with them they still 
will not provide reasonable support or even answer questions...

>  I'm
> developing a theory that these customer service people must feel like they get
> blamed for things they didn't (at least not directly or initially) cause.  In
> the meantime, I am sick to death of the insurance company cancelling
> perscriptions, and all the endless run arounds too.

They still act like they are the ones doing us a favor by taking our money...  
that's the problem with the insurance companies too - they want to be 
guaranteed a huge profit while providing no service... 

Randall P. Winchester
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