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RE: [IP] Snorkeling With The Pump

> My daughter Lily (15) snorkels. She removes her pump. Generally, she
> must consume at least 15 grams of carbo an hour with her pump
> detached while snorkeling or her blood sugar will go low very
> quickly. This is true in Hawai (water 82 degrees) and So. California
> (water 72 degrees with wet suit). I suggest you wear an inflatable
> vest and put a couple of glucose gel tubes in the vest for quick
> access in case you get low. I assume you are buddy diving, you buddy
> should also carry glucose gel tubes for you as well.
> Michael
> email @ redacted

My experience is very similar in that I remove my pump to snorkel, sometimes
for an hour and a half. I carry apple juice in a water bottle, and have
never experienced any difficulty.


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