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Re: Roche Diagnostics, was: Re: [IP] New insurance company

I'm sure it is variable.  When I couldn't get the meter to download the initial
person at the 800# was unhelpful but then forwarded me to a technician who spent
over an hour problem solving.  (We finally established it was one of 2 or 3
things and he sent me an entirely new package with several kinds of cables).
Maybe it just depends on who you get?

I've noticed with both the insurance co, the pump co and the bg meter cos that
the more I get on the phone and feel like they need to fix what is wrong and I'm
tired of all their mess ups, the less helpful the rep is.   I don't yell or
anything but the insistence in my voice might be part of it.  When I call and
very very nicely tell them how much I need their help because I can't figure out
how to fix a problem and when I keep steering them along, I get very good help
and they even give you their extension for the future.   I'm developing a theory
that these customer service people must feel like they get blamed for things
they didn't (at least not directly or initially) cause.  In the meantime, I am
sick to death of the insurance company cancelling perscriptions, and all the
endless run arounds too.

Bob Burnett wrote:

> At 03:25 PM 01/01/99 -0800, Ruth wrote:
> >Randall or Bob (unclear who this is):
> >
> >The 1-800 # for Accu-Check tends to be rude and unhelpful.  Try your local
> rep.
> >They are much nicer and actually work with people.  The same seems to be
> >true with
> >Lifescan (although I've had a not so helpful rep and a nice phone assistant
> >so go
> >figure)..
> >
> <snip>
> Ruth:
> Wish that I coulda ... The questions dealt with some very specific features
> (or lack of) in the software / meter combination. My local rep was - I'm
> searching my thesaurus here for the best phrase - Ah - I found it! -
> *totally clueless*. Hence, my referral to the 800 "support" number. I
> actually had to "train" the telephone support person in the use of the
> meter, which was quite amusing. I had similar run arounds with these folks
> when I was trying to get a copy of Camit to use with my Advantage meter
> several years ago. They first refused to acknowledge the software's
> existence. When confronted with names and numbers, they finally admitted
> that it was available, but only to "professionals". I asked them how they
> determined who was a "professional", and we danced in circles for a while
> longer on that one ..... Grrrrrrrr. They should just release the code to
> some developers who know what they're doing and reap the benefits of a much
> more functional (interpret that as "profitable") tool.
> I don't jump on my soapbox often, but this issue really yanks my crank :-|
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