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Re: Roche Diagnostics, was: Re: [IP] New insurance company

On  1 Jan 99 at 20:07, Bob Burnett wrote:
> Wish that I coulda ... The questions dealt with some very specific features
> (or lack of) in the software / meter combination. My local rep was - I'm
> searching my thesaurus here for the best phrase - Ah - I found it! -
> *totally clueless*. Hence, my referral to the 800 "support" number. I
> actually had to "train" the telephone support person in the use of the
> meter, which was quite amusing. I had similar run arounds with these folks
> when I was trying to get a copy of Camit to use with my Advantage meter
> several years ago. They first refused to acknowledge the software's existence.
> When confronted with names and numbers, they finally admitted that it was
> available, but only to "professionals". I asked them how they determined who
> was a "professional", and we danced in circles for a while longer on that one
> ..... Grrrrrrrr. They should just release the code to some developers who know
> what they're doing and reap the benefits of a much more functional (interpret
> that as "profitable") tool.
> I don't jump on my soapbox often, but this issue really yanks my crank :-|

And they are promoting the inComplete as designed for insulin pump users...  
Sometimes I think the entire industry is trying to shoot themselves in the 
foot.  If they could ever get their act together they could make a lot more 

Randall P. Winchester
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