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Re: [IP] New insurance company

On  1 Jan 99 at 15:25, Ruth Elowitz wrote:

> Randall or Bob (unclear who this is):
> The 1-800 # for Accu-Check tends to be rude and unhelpful.  Try your local
> rep. They are much nicer and actually work with people.  The same seems to be
> true with Lifescan (although I've had a not so helpful rep and a nice phone
> assistant so go figure)..

The last contact I had with the local rep indicated that he didn't want to hear 
from me any more.  He didn't want to talk about the software or other items any 
more...  So I'm left with a company that produces an almost decent product but 
they don't particularly want my business...

Randall P. Winchester
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