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[IP] Patch Adams

  Hey, All you other ex- or soon to be ex-pincushions:
            PATCH    ADAMS  !!!!!!
  This doc is still alive today, and working in the good old USA! It
is well worth even a dr's visit fee to see this movie!!! As a 27yr
veteran of DM, and a nurse, as well, I thoroughly appreciated this
doc's humanity!!! His personality is NOT like the other doc's that you
are used to, I can almost guarantee it!! I've had docs in the
northeast, the west, the midatlantic states, and the south. This is
very rare, at least in diabetes care!!!! Think each of would would
enjoy it. I even e mailed the AMA and told them of how much the movie
meant to me, and how I wanted to thank this doc for his ideas. I don't
ever do stuff like this, so please, take the time out and see it. You
won't be disappointed. The language is a little off, but could be a
LOT worse!
   I'd give it a 1 PUMP UP!!!!!!

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