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Re: [IP] Having Doubts

> >
> > I'm having some major doubts about my pump.  Since I started on the pump I
> > have gained a great deal of weight.  Not only to mention the fact that I
> > have felt miserable every since I started.  I tend to have many absorption
> > issues. A lot more than when I was on injections. Then again when I was on
> > injections half the time I don't think I was absorbing the insulin anyhow.
> > I think that the only thing that the pump has done for me, is that it has
> > taken care of the dawn phenomena.

Pumping is not aways easy!  i'm sorry you are having such a hard time.  As your
control improves, so will the absorption.  You might try mixing humalog and
velosulin for better sites or using straight velosulin.  Weight, unfortunately,
contributes to poor absorption too.

As to the weight, if you're insulin use is correct, if you are in control, and if
you are eating the appropriate calories for you and your metabolize, exercise,
size, etc you should not gain weight.  That means that when you get yourself to
this point, you will start loosing any initial weight you gained.  People
sometimes gain weight in the beginning because:

    They are hungry and munchy and eat too much and cover it with insulin --
something that happens when your blood sugars first start coming and staying
down.  This does go away with time.

    Better use of calories.  Your body acutally uses more food when your bgs stay
more stable.  Cutting back a little and helping things stabilize might help this
one too.

> >
> > I fought for several months to get this pump. I have wanted it every since I
> > first heard about the pump 12+ years ago. But I have never really pursued
> > the issue.  Now that I have the pump. I'm not satisfied with the pump that I
> > have. I don't know if the D pump has this problem.  But this is my 3 pump I
> > have had swapped out since I have been on the pump for 3 months.  When I get
> > the new pump, things appear to work fine, but then after awhile the select
> > feature starts skipping screens.  Half the time I can't ever get to the
> > bolus screen, it just skips right on to the suspend option, or even further.
> > I'm frustrated.  I think I'm just stuck.  I'm going to give the pump 3 more
> > months to see if it is something that I want to continue with. That way I at
> > least have 6 months under my belt.

I don't think you really can really get to know a pump in less than a year and, to
be honest, it took me a good five to learn how to use it effectively and to learn
all the problems and solutions and lack thereof.  Hang in there a while and just
remember that your perceptions will probably change somewhat over time.  The
mechanical problems sound like the pump company needs to give you a replacement.>

> > I hear about others who have said, wow this thing has changed my life. I
> > love it.  I don't feel that absolute about the pump.  That tubing is such a
> > pain sometimes. I'm glad that my HBa1c has improved.  That is one positive I
> > must say.  I feel like I'm an expert at the ability to juggle, but I can't
> > keep those 3 balls in the air.
> >
> >

No, it is not a miracle and frankly it is often a pain in the neck.  However, to
me it is far better than the shot and clock method and it is more effective
treatment.  Think of it as a tool that you have to master.  Not as a miracle.
Please ask for any help you may need.  Some of us have been doing this for a long


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