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Re: [IP] New insurance company

Randall or Bob (unclear who this is):

The 1-800 # for Accu-Check tends to be rude and unhelpful.  Try your local rep.
They are much nicer and actually work with people.  The same seems to be true with
Lifescan (although I've had a not so helpful rep and a nice phone assistant so go

Randall Winchester wrote:

> On 30 Dec 98 at 18:59, Bob Burnett wrote:
> > Just curious - what version of the software is it? I've had Accutility
> > (version 1.0) for a long time - since this summer. When I called Roche with a
> > question, they were *not* happy at all that I had my hands on the software (my
> > doctor gave it to me, since he's not a computer type person). Roche was very
> > insistent that Accutility was designed for the "medical professional".
> >
> This is Roche/BM's attitude towards their customers.  I've been yelled at
> several times over the phone for asking about the software.  According to their
> people, the users just aren't compentent to use their software because it is
> just for medical professionals...  this attitude shows in the design of their
> equipment and in the way they treat us.  You'd think a company that gets over
> $175 per month from me for test strips would treat the customer better,
> especially since the cable for the Lifescan units is free and there is a lot of
> software available for it...
> > I suggested some changes to the program and interface, and I'm real
> > interested to see if they've made the changes. The earliest release date I
> > heard of was in February.
> >
> Last time I asked and got yelled at the vaporware to realware date was also
> sometime in February... and the person I talked to couldn't understand why
> anyone isn't ecstatic about the default meter configuration...
> Randall P. Winchester
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