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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #710

The Pocket Pancreas is a checkbook sized booklet approx 40 pages long
that can be purchased thru The Diabetes Mall. It gives a very brief
description of type 1 vs type 2, insulin types and action times, a
description of Flexible Insulin Therapy, tells how to match carbs to
insulin(H and R), how to lower high BGs, carb counting,some suggestions
on how to change insulin doses to match trends, effect of exercise, a
small glycemic index,and lastly a carb factor index.  It is a smaller,
more condensed version of the book "Stop the Rollercoaster", if you have
seen that. Hope that helps.  

Does anyone have the internet address for the site that compares Minimed
to Disatronic pumps? thanks. Kate

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