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Re: [IP] Diabetes Genetic Theory for Survival

One of my Pre-med friends, well he's a Doc now, told me while he was in school
that when he was studying Diabetes that he read that there is a theory that
Diabetics in general have a higher than normal chance to be born than the average
population, I guess it is a genetic predisposition for survival.  The theory was
based on the fact that since diabetes still exists in such numbers today that
something has to explain the continuance of it especially since it used to be a
fatal disease.  So I would like to think that God programmed something so I would
be more likely to be here than my non-diabetic counterparts.. Any one else hear
this theory?

p.s. Speaking of  theories, I have a very religious friend who told me people who
contract diseases do so because their ancestors in the blood line had committed
sins in the past.  And of course his family had no history of disease, but
neither does mine except for me.  I told him that I respected his right to
believe that if he must but told him if he ever mentioned that to me again he
would die from something more fierce than any disease he could think of <g>
BTW I fully believe in the first theory :)

Randall Winchester wrote:

> On 31 Jan 98 at 10:56, email @ redacted wrote:
> > In a message dated 1/30/98 7:34:16 PM, Janine wrote:
> >
> > <<I was told that all women with diabetes should be sterilized. >>
> >
> > Janine,
> >
> > I think all gynecologist who make these sorts of statements should be
> > castrated!!!!  Kind of reminds me of someone out of history named Hitler!!!
> >
> Or at least reminded that those types of attitudes show genes that
> shouldn't be allowed to pollute the gene pool...  I remember being
> told that my wife and I shouldn't have kids because I was diabetic.
> These statements weren't just directed at women - some of the doctors
> were influenced by the eugenics trash which was popular for a while
> in some schools.  They wanted to "improve" the "evolution" of the
> human race by eliminating all "undesirable" genes.  Now most of the
> people who believe that type of junk seem to be  insurance company
> executives trying to eliminate "undesirable" genes by refusing
> medical care...
> Randall Winchester
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