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Re: [IP] Barbara's presentation

Title: Re: [IP] Barbara's presentation

> email @ redacted (Janine Shea) wrote:
> Subject: [IP] Barbara's presentation

>Things that have annoyed me:

>Being introduced to a doctor, by a doctor, as "Diabetes Mellitus, 18 years,
>pump therapy, a bit too self-assertive about treatment, feel her thyroid".
>Gee, I don't have a name?

Hi Janine:
I had a similar experience upon my first Endo visit. I asked for his fax number and he replied "You internist warned me that you were too compulsive". Some of Buddy and Sarah's sense of humor rubbed off on me and I replied "thats funny, she had only nice things to say about you!"

Ernest Hayman
Type 2, MDI, 20 years