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[IP] Gastro-paresis (or the inability to empty a bloated stomach)

I read with facination the letter from Sara about her recent experience
with Drs in ER & Hospital.  I had a single visit with Dr. Drexler years
ago and was recently thinking of returning but as of right now I seem
to be OK with Drs at Joslin in Livingston NJ (Barnabus)

I've had Gastro on and off for a few years.  DOes anyone have any 
positive tips/experience or medical drs in NYC/NJ area that they
have used with POSITIVE outcome??

I really do NOT want to be put into hospital (and I do appreciate
the easy easy wieght loss which comes for free with this desease)
but even at a blood sugar in the 50s I feel stuffed all the time
(and unsure what if anything will get through).

I was told by my Dr that Grape Juice was THE BEST and having lots
of YUMMY Kedem Grape juice to feed the kids over Shobbos certainly
helps at times like this.  (I prefer Keser wine, but thats another
story and given my current state don't think that Drs will appreciate
my drinking wine along with everything else).  (I don't drink enough
to make much difference anyway (about 5oz) and the stuff is only 7%)

I also had a quite horrid experience in some tiny out of the way
airport in Michigan (somewhere near where all the office chairs in
the world are made).  When I told the airport security guy that I
could not be checked by machine (this was back in AutoSyringe days
when we were TOLD that this could muck up the settings - even though
said settings were mechanical NOT computer) he got really worried,
strip searched me, insisted I take off the pump and pull it apart
(as it obviously was stuffed with either drugs, bomb components, or
both).  When I told him it was medical and even changed the catheter
in front of him he was ready to pull me in for drug use.

It was only when I suggested he call his supervisors AND the pump
company AND my lawyer (who I did not have) that he relented.  Oh
well: gave my coworkers something to talk about for next few weeks.