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Re: [IP] Hospital Survival 101 - LONG!!!

On 30 Jan 98 at 20:04, email @ redacted wrote:
> It was all over the hospital that i was there and teams of residents and
> student nurses would come up and have me show them how to work it, how I
> figure carbs, how the basals work.  In fact I had one student nurse with me
> for like 4 hours, and then he had to go teach everyone else what he had
> learned - he was all excited cuz no one else had gotten towork with it but
> him...I shoulda chared them all $100 per lesson!

I'm sure that having you there was an education for them all.  I'm 
glad you came through OK.  Now if we could just figure out how to 
market you as a "consultant" to the medical community we could 
probably get around $500/hour for you to scream at the residents...

> Thanks again to all who have sent their good wishes.  You guys are all great -
> even Buddy!

We missed you!  Keep on kicking!

Randall Winchester

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