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[IP] Low carb REAL chocolate frosting to DIE for.

I ran across this recipe that Lily posted to the mail list when
it only had 20 members. Thought some of you would enjoy it.

-My favorite choclate frosting recipe (for carb counters)
Frosting for the whole cake is just 151 grams of carbo
Cakes are a lot more

white  whole cake=420 + frosting 571
angel  whole cake=372 + frosting 523
for angel food 1/16 cake = 33 grams only 2 exchanges
44 grams for a 1/12 serving
anyway the choclate frosting is REAL and to die for.
8 oz. semi-sweet choclate chips
8 oz. whipping cream
You need cusinart, small bowl, large bowl full of ice
that the small bowl will fit into.

Place c-chips in cusinart and turn into dust
heat whipping cream just to boil (don't boil)
pour into running cusinart to blend.

Use a spatula to put choclate mixture into small bowl
use a whisk to stir the mixture while the bowl sits in the 
ice.  Stir until the mixture stiffens. Then spread on the 
cake.  ONLY 151 grams total for the frosting.    ENJOY....