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Re: [IP] Re: Dark Ages

If it was made of Methanol alcohol than people would be going blind drinking it.
heard a rumor from someone that it breaks down to Formaldehyde (outside the body)
I think these are coming from the same sources the news people are getting all
their Monica Lewinsky information from :)  Fact is, if you THINK something is
going to hurt you, it will.. even if it is sugar pills or something.
Aspartame was discovered by Scientists from the G.D.Searle company who were
replicating a British study on an Ulcer remedy.  The British Scientists gave up on
the substance and the G.D. Searle guys wanted to keep working on it.  Well, one of
the guys was working and writing some data into his notebook and he was the type
of guy to lick his fingers to get traction while turning pages.  Some Aspartame
got spilled on his notebook and when he licked his fingers again he noticed it was
incredibly sweet.
I'll have to dust off my organic chemistry books and see what derivitives you
might get from nutrasweet, but I whole heartedly don't beleive it breaks down to
I have never experienced one complication from it..
Though in 20 years, a bunch of women w/w out silicone,saline,soybean implants will

be suing G.D. Searle saying it gave them Cancer, and another host of medical
they would have still gotten had they never ingested it anyway..

p.s. Don't drink nutrasweet when you visit the sears tower, high altitude you
know.. :)

email @ redacted wrote:

> Forrest,
>    I use nutra sweet only because I have to. I have heard that it causes
> memory loss, siezures, and I know for a fact that military pilots are not
> allowed to use it because it causes severe headaches and hallucinations at
> high altitude.  The dirt on it is that it is made of methanol alcohol which
> breaks down in your system.  This alcohol is a poison. Most of the FDA studies
> on saccharin were also paid by the makers of neutra sweet as well.  As I said
> I use Neutra Sweet, but I limit my intake. And when I have a choice, I choose
> the pink packet instead of the blue.
>                                                                    ~DeeDee