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RE: [IP] Re: Food for thought for all diabetics

Amen..Buddy......we have come a long way.....and I'm glad that it was such a learning experience.....I'm sooooooo glad that I've "made" it....I'm so blessed...yes...diabetes has been a blessing,I often wonder ...would I have taken this "good" care of myself is I didn't have diabetes.....I really don't think so...

I love beating the odds......


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"No, honey, you can't have that....it has sugar in it..."
They couldn't help it this is what the "educated people" were teaching! What
were the "uninformed" supposed to say. This is the real heartbreak of the
"Dark Ages" I was referring to. The average person (people) middle class,
only knew what the doctors told them. I know that in 1959 when I was
diagnosed, and I had a dedicated endo that was super, they were flying by
the seat of their pants, so to speak. We take for granted all the
information we have her at our fingertips! The technology then was black &
white TV and AM radio. You've come a long way baby and you have to realize
that. Hindsight is always 20/20. I think back now and see a lot of stupid
stuff that really smart people did and said and even my 4 year old grandbaby
knows better than that!
    I guess what I'm trying to say is that we all have learned not to stick
our tongues to an icetray but it seemed like a good idea the first time we
did it. . . .    ?????

Buddy '-)

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