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[IP] Velosulin (or Regular) vs: Humalog

Some have written:
> Hi....I use straight velosolin....it has always worked well for me...I had an 

Since I am not diabetic, my observations are not 'tainted' by 
personal preference, only by watching what my daughter Lily does in 
response to changes in her 'program'. Hmmmm..... maybe that is not 
entirely unbiased.....

In general, I am pleased with Lily's results with Humalog.  It seems 
to make her day to day life with the big 'D' a little easier than 
when she used Velosulin. It makes planning things like meals, 
exercise, sleep and so-on a little easier than before. Very similar 
to the switch from injections to the pump, just not so dramatic a 

I appears to me that Humalog offers slightly greater freedom in 
activity and eating habits than Regular insulin. The ability to 
recover from a high or low is much faster since Humalog acts faster 
and washes out quicker than Regular. 

There are some problems associated with Humalog, such as site 
corruption and an apparent greater sensitivity to high temperatures. 
The site corruption problem seems to be corrected by mixing Humalog 
with small amounts of Velosulin (probably Regular as well, but have 
no experience here). Lily consistently gets 4+ days from a set since 
she started mixing 5/1 H/R. and still gets the benefits of the quick 
response.  We have NOT experienced any problems with storage, or 
degradation of Humalog.  Lily always keeps it in the fridge anyway.

Because Humalog works faster, the basal settings on a pump all have 
to be moved about 2 hours IN. That is (example) if they were for 
regular 12:00 0.4, 5:00 0.6, etc.... those would change to 10:00 0.4, 
3:00 0.6 and so on... for Humalog

I would encourage those of you who have NOT tried Humalog to give it 
a shot (no pun intended), I would also encourage you to use a mix 
because I think a more stable absorbtion will occur from the infusion 

Bob, what are your observations on this, I know you started recently 
with a mix??

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