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RE: [IP] Re: Stand up please. . . .

Hi....I use straight velosolin....it has always worked well for me...I had an episode several months ago where my "no delivery" alarm didn't sound...(I was getting a small amount of insulin)..anyway within 2 hours my BG wnet from 125 to 425...I discussed this with my doctor and we decided that I was better off on the velosolin, because of the longer "tail"..I would have been in deep trouble on Humalog ,I think....anyway, it DOES work well for me....


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Would everybody here using straight Velosulin please stand up???

There you are Cliff. only 50% of you use Humalog

most of us here do use Humalog -- some by mixing 
>it on a 5:1 ratio with Velosulin>Cliff

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